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High quality custom pergolas from Perth’s finest


Your pergola can be built from timber or with a steel frame. All of our pergolas are designed to complement your existing house structure and style.

Coverings may be shade cloth, lattice or even battens.  Whatever your choice your project will be completed to the highest standard of design and construction to ensure maximum benefit is obtained.

Purchase Pergolas in Perth

Want to create a dramatic outdoor living space? Consider constructing a pergola. These versatile structures offer numerous benefits, including adding value to your home.

Whether you want to create ambiance or add privacy, count on Modern Plastics and Pergolas to create the perfect pergolas fo r you in Perth.

Benefits of Pergolas

Pergolas in Perth have a lot to offer, including the following benefits:

  • Block unsightly views. Neighbours have an ugly shed? Dying tree in the corner of your yard? Strategically place d pergolas can hide unsightly objects in your yard and focus visitor attention elsewhere.
  • Maximise outdoor space. You can attach pergolas to gazebos or verandas to extend shelter and protect outdoo r furniture. Feel free to use your pergola whenever you want to have a gathering with the neighbours. 
  • Give plants room to grow. If you want to give your garden a vibrant patch of green, consider growing climbing vines and flowers around your pergola. The pergola will provide a sturdy structure, while your plants will provide visual interest, privacy a nd shade.
  • Affordable to install. Pergolas are an inexpensive way to increase your home's value. They make your home and yard stand out in a crowd. When placed and decorated correctly, a well-designed pergola can create an extra "wow" factor that homeow ners love.

Choose from Multiple Materials

At Modern Plastics and Pergolas, we want you to feel proud of your new pergola. That's why we offer a variety of materials and cove rs to match your needs, preferences and style.

We can construct your pergola from timber or steel, and you can pick cloth, lattice or even batten coverings. Whatever you choose, you can expect high quality design and construction from our crew.

Call for a Free Quote

We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience, which is why you're under no obligation when you want a free quote. Call us on 0419 923 713to get started.

Call us today for a FREE  no obligation quote to start planning your outdoor living experience.
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